6 Reasons Why i Want To Go On a Solo Travel


walkingFor a while now i have followed and envied Katchie Nzama’s solo adventures (see them here) across different African countries and i am inspired to break borders on my own, backpacker style. Although i have a million reasons why i would like to take on this self imposed challenge, the 6 below come out tops.

  1. Going whenever. I have lost count of the number of failed vacations my friends and i have planned together. For a solo vacation i do not really have to wait for others to confirm the trip and most importantly the trip is planned exactly the way George wants it. Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate travel with friends but there is so much compromise and patience that one needs to invest in to make the vacation memorable.
  2. Self Rediscovery. Being alone in an unfamiliar environment would grant me the opportunity to enjoy being me and find out new and hopefully interesting and exciting things about myself. I believe in our everyday lives we all strive to be better versions of ourselves: solo travel would facilitate that process.
  3. Appreciation. As i would be alone, i would mostly rely on the help of strangers to make my vacation an interesting experience. Appreciating and trusting strangers with literally my life and learning through them.
  4. Character Test. Solo travel would test my adaption levels in any environment and teach not to expect anything but to experience and hopefully learn.
  5. Budget. Knowing that i would be travelling alone with no else to rely on would ensure that i stay within my budget.
  6. Memories. This is a given and i have nothing more to add onto this. The solo vacation would give me an opportunity to tell a different story about my experiences.

Would you go on a solo trip?

Yours in wanderlust,


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