#CurateZim – Day 1

For those that do not know, yesterday saw me take control of the Curate Zim Twitter account and i am going to be at it until the end of the week. You can check how my week goes on here. Although i have had a similar opportunity before – control of the Curate Africa account, i was super nervous going into this (yes i know – no gun was held to my head when i applied) but Curate Zim is different. Zim Twitter is woke and very brutal. They will have you for breakfast and spit you out. The Curate Zim Twitter account allows a different Zimbabwean, home and abroad, to express their viewpoint on different subjects of their choosing. Anything goes really except for nudity of course.


I am one of the most random individuals you will ever come across so i went into it with no plan of action whatsoever. First few minutes saw me introducing myself and talking about my hometown, Victoria Falls and my interests. Anyone that knows me will tell you that i have an insatiable interest in travel and beginning of the year, i made a declaration that 2017 is my year of travel and festivals. Home and away. Naturally the subject came up yesterday and i am happy that i am not the only one that appreciates not only travel but travel on an extreme budget – hey, cheapskates are US! The topic of travel went on and on and eventually birth the question below:

Although i applaud the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority for all its efforts in promoting all things tourism the country has to offer, the poll results are proof that the ZTA needs to embark on a nationwide campaign to promote local tourism and do a serious review of their activities rates. In the current state of the economy and the high cost of living, there is no way an average Jack can afford to bungee jump off the historic Victoria Falls bridge. The rates are too high and far out of reach for most. I personally prefer to travel outside the country as it all works out cheaper compared to holidaying locally.

I strongly feel that the ZTA should join forces with local tourism service providers to create comprehensive and affordable packages that will encourage and ensure that more locals travel and contribute towards the growth of the economy. Through social media, i am assembling a travel squad that is going to help me make sure this is effected as soon as possible and hopefully join me on most if not all my travels this year. Everything else that i hope to achieve with the squad will be revealed in due course but i know you guys are going to absolutely love it. Day 1 as Curate Zim also made me discover that the ZTA does not have an official travel hashtag and i proposed #ZimTravelSmiles, fingers crossed it sticks. I will fight for its longevity!!

Anyways the rest of yesterday was filled with random conversations with different Zimboz and thus far they are handling me with care. Haven’t been chewed yet. Let me know what you think of my presence on the Curate Zim TL so far.


Yours in random tweets,


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