#CurateZim – Day 2

I am not one to immediately check my social media timeline before i post anything online. I just randomly post whatever it is that would be on my mind but of course manners first. As soon as i was up yesterday i posted a ‘Good Morning’ message on the Curate Zim Twitter account and the responses i was getting on my mentions prompted me to key in *143# on my phone. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. See below:


The above are the new rates (no joke) that the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) effected as of January 11, 2017 and after seeing those it made sense why a majority of Zimbabweans were not happy at all. An The criticism was so fierce that it even birth the hashtag #DataMustFall and i am for the people. The new charges are obscene and it makes one wonder if those responsible in effecting these changes have an idea of what is really happening on the ground for the average Zimbabwean. Times are tough. Once again this issue inspired the birth of yet another poll:

The major reason why i started that poll was the fact that a majority of the people on the timeline felt that this move by Potraz was a political move. I have mixed feelings about this because i try as much as i possibly can to distance myself from all things politics. However i low key think it is a move taken by the administration to control the masses. I am basing that thinking on the fact that the local administration is not keen on people using social media to voice out their thoughts and opinions. What upsets me the most is we were never consulted or at least warned by the regulator that such a drastic change was going to be effected. It just happened nje.

I am failing to remember my source but i remember reading somewhere that Potraz took such a move because Zimbabwe is a landlocked country and has no cable landing sources. Hence the high costs. Hmmm. Let me know what you think?


PS – Day 2 was rather lukewarm. I felt people were not really as interactive but #TwitterAfterDark was lit (post for another day)


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