Five Minutes with Ryan Synth


He hails from the City of Kings and Queens, his name is Ryan Synth and is undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen to the music industry. The way he fuses different genres and mixes different songs in a single set always leaves one in awe. He’s one of the performers at the 2016 Jameson Victoria Falls Carnival. Happy Days! Are you as excited as we are? Please read the interview i had with him to find out a few things about him.

Before we get started, what is your government name?

Mothuse Ryan Balule


So what inspired the name Ryan Synth?

What inspired the name “Ryan Synth”, well one of my Government names is Ryan, and the “Synth” part came from an digital instrument that i love using in my music productions. So i fused up the two, giving me Ryan Synth.


Take me through your childhood, what was life like growing up and before Ryan the Club and Radio DJ?

I am the last born in a family of two boys. I was raised by a single parent (being my mother) and it was a pretty tense childhood because my mother was and still is a strict woman. I was the kind of kid that would go to school, do sports (forced by my mum) and go straight back home. I went to Hugh Beetle Primary School and Collen Bawn High. I went on to study IT at Nust CCE in 2012.


I noticed on your Facebook profile that you are an IT consultant, in the sense of the fact that you have an understanding of the importance of digital marketing, would you say that in a way helps in the success of your brand?

As an IT guy, i think digital marketing has helped me a lot in pushing my brand. It has helped me establish connections with well established artists in the industry as well as get pointers and feedback on how one should handle his or herself in public as well as on social media. These pointers have helped me tremendously.


That being said, how do you utilise social media to grow and strengthen your brand?

I believe social media is one of the best ways of growing and strengthening one’s brand. At the end of the day most if not all of artists’ bookings are done after online research on the individual or group. It could be Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. I feel for one’s work to be noticed there is a need for a constant but good conduct online.


By the way, Congrats on making the JVFC16 line up, why do you think they chose you?

Thank you, its been a long time coming. I think they chose me because of my UNIQUE style of play and the hard work myself and my Hidden Culture manager have put in to be recognised by major festivals and clubs.


What’s that signature element that one cannot miss from your performances?

I am an Ultimix DJ and my signature element that one cannot miss from my performances is the ability to mix 3-4 songs playing at the same time.


Have you collaborated with any other artists yet? If so, who?

Yes i have. I have worked with Cal Vin, DJ Scooby, Langa, Leighnytte and Nitefreak. I like working with underground artists because they still have that raw energy that i always look for.


Coke Studio is known for its success in bringing together artists with different genre backgrounds, which artist that is outside your selected genre of music would you like to work with? Speaking of genres, what is your specialty?

Ahhhh, out of my selected genre of music, i would love to work with Cynthia Mare, Queen Vee, Bryan K and Jimmy Dludlu. Their music is amazing.

I produce House Music (Soulful House & Afro House) but in terms of my performances, i play quite a number of genres in a set including Hip Hop, Deep/Soulful House, Chill house & a bit of Indie/Nu-disco.


Going back to JVFC16, what five things would you advise our readers and your fans to not miss on their ‘to pack list’?

Please do not forget to pack:

  • Comfy shoes
  • Phone
  • Vest or Top
  • Energy Drinks (you’ll definitely need them)

Extra Battery or power bank


What five things are making their way into your suitcase?

Five things that are definitely making their way into my suitcase are:

  • Shorts
  • Tees
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Chargers


Your take on money, fame and women?

On money, we all know money makes the world go round. So it’s a necessity to get the bag but it is also important to look back and give back to the community. Fame comes with the hard work, so one shouldn’t let fame go straight to the head & forget where they came from & who got them where they are today. With women, you really need to stand your ground & have some discipline.


For the lady readers, is there a significant other in your life?

Hahaha yes there is a significant other in my life.


The significant other in your life, is she in the entertainment industry as well?

No she is not.


Where do you see yourself in like five years?

I’m one person that dreams big and i foresee myself having an album under my belt, as well as getting frequent bookings in Africa and internationally.


Plans for 2017?

The plan is to move up and higher. I hope to drop an EP sometime in the year, as I’ve been too focused on branding, gigs & remixes only. So I need to drop my own work next year.


What is your life philosophy?

I believe the good Lord gave me this gift of music for a reason. So my goal is to show the world my gift, because if one doesn’t do this, then one’s life has no meaning or significance.



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