#ThrowBack: 10 Things I Loved Pre Digital.



  1. Not worrying about sending a chat screenshot meant for your best friend to the same person whose chats you just grabbed. Talk about cringe!
  2. Unplugging the landline from its socket and telling to the parents, ‘perhaps there is something with the outside cable or the main telephone box.’ Bliss!!
  3. Not worrying about typing the ex or crush’s name on the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box instead of the search box and cringing at the thought of them having seen that in the 5 seconds it posted. Shoot me now!!
  4. No personalised ringtones. Some of the tones/tunes we have to deal with. I cant!!
  5. Photos albums being actual books. Now one needs to be extra cautious in case the fat fingers accidentally delete.
  6. Prank calls were life then. The thrill one would get from dialing a random landline and acting silly knowing it would not be traced back to them. Sigh!!
  7. Writing an actual physical letter to your crush and slipping it into their note book. Then having to deal with the anxiety of what the response is going to be. *butterflies*
  8. The way we all just kept time. Plans would be made on the landline to meet at point A at 3pm and parties meeting would make sure with fail that they’re there at least by 14:55.
  9. Conversations were actually conversations. No distractions coming from our mobile phones. Where is the love people?
  10. Having one TV channel = no endless program repeats. Our time now is lost and wasted on things we have seen time and time again. *palm on face*



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