Victoria Falls x 5 Things To Do

Victoria Falls is a quaint (charming if you may) resort town, famously known as the home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Throwing in a little bias, it is safe to add that my hometown is filled with so much history, culture, fascination and character. Not forgetting some of the warmest and friendliest people that inhabit it. It is a place where you literally see a new face every day. I have shortlisted 5 things that in my opinion can halt, shake and possibly take a couple of breathes away and that everyone needs to do/experience in Vic Falls..

  1. Victoria Falls Rainforest – this one goes without saying, you have not been to Victoria Falls until you have set foot in the actual Victoria Falls rainforest. I will gladly deviate from the actual facts of the rainforest lest i give you inadequate information (as interesting as history was in high school, it just was never one of my strongest points) but in my humble opinion it is here where self and spirituality connect. The beauty and the overall power that the place possesses is out of this world. Regardless of the number of times i have had the pleasure of exploring the rainforest, ever visit feels like the first.
  2. Victoria Falls Bridge – first of it kind and the biggest at the time of construction, taking about 14 months to construct. One can not talk about the history of the town without mentioning the bridge. Do yourself a favour and book yourself a guided tour to learn more about this historic structure. On top of that there is some bridge activities that would add onto the entire experience.
  3. Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artists Village – this is the one place that will interest all those keen on art, art in any form, shape or size. As the name may already suggest, it is a ‘village’ that houses a variety of art, gift shops & studios and galleries. Part of the fun is the direct interaction between the visitor and the people behind the arts and craft. The visitor can be a part of the production process in the sense that they can see the artists while they work.
  4. Ndau Collection Studio & Showroom – while we are still at the Elephant’s Walk Shopping and Artists Village, i just had to add one of its inhabitants. This team of versatile designers is easily one of my favourites in Victoria Falls. Their studio has one of the most eclectic handmade jewellery and accessory pieces that will shake your breath. Be sure to pop in!!
  5. Zambezi House Bar & Canteen – last but definitely not least, this place is quite the vibe. It must not miss any things or places to visit in Vic Falls list. This place has an eclectic vibe whose design displays a beautiful marriage between the old and the new Africa. ZH has a miniature food menu that has tasty and well prepared bites and a drinks menu that will surely keep all the thirst at bay. True to their sell line, they indeed offer an ambience like no other.

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