One thing that my young adult life has had to learn to grasp quicker that most things is the fact that as much as i have certain expectations or desires, the world in no way must stop to grant me all that i desire. This mindset has pretty much worked out well for me in the way i view certain things or approach certain situations.   

Sometime in 2015 i lost my job due to the economic depression around the globe but i must say i did not really feel the hit. Of the universe owing me nothing!

A lot of people i know would ask me how i was managing this life thing without the so called financial blanket over me. I had no answer for them. Still don’t. Now i do not come from a monied background but somehow i managed to be ‘alive’ sans a healthy wallet. That however did not prevent the conversations from forming in my head. It was a constant battle in there. Self-doubt and lack of determination and the drive to get up and look for work were some of the common causes. One day i woke up and decided i had had enough: i needed discipline back in my life (not that it was not there but i am pretty certain you get my point.) I needed a job. So the long and unpleasant process of job hunting began.

I will not lie and say it was easy. The whole process was pretty daunting. In between the random office drop ins with my CV and the countless emails i sent to prospective employers, i nagged friends and other people i know for hook ups because you know we just live in that world. Favours are a big part of us now. This whole job hunting process coupled with life happening eventually wore me out. I did not want to go through that misery anymore and so i made a decision to stop looking and let life conspire with the universe in the hopes that the gods will somehow eventually smile on me. So i relaxed and gave permission to life to allow me to float anyhow.

Weeks turned into months.  I forgot that i was unemployed. Life was not peanut butter and candy. It rarely ever is but i was content.


I am so thankful for not expecting or commanding the universe to grant me all that my heart desires but trusting it to exercise its power in its own time.


Today and right now, i am bursting with gratitude for the job that i believe found me when i was not expecting it. Great things make their way to you when are not expecting them.

Moral of the story?

Be thankful for all the experiences that the universe brushes you with and open yourself up to all opportunities that allow you to utilise and exercise all that you are capable of.

Yours in gratitude


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